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Treasured Affection Eiffel Tower Centerpiece Silver 10" Tall

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Product Description

Whether you’ve personally climbed the Eiffel tower, plan to go there or have simply seen it in your favorite movies and artsy photos, there is no stronger symbol of a romantic couple trip than the Eiffel Tower. And since  you’d break the bank if you kept going there to rekindle the spark, we thought a friendly and also lovely, table top centerpiece reminder of the romance, glamour and adventure that is the Eiffel Tower can help set an  enlightening feel to your event or showcase or home or room or office. Is it for love? Or taste? Or is it for beauty?....you decide.

As a timeless modern icon, this Eiffel Tower showpiece is sure to attract excitement as people decide how they would choose to decorate or showcase it themselves. Not to mention that is an art-piece in itself so it will add  to the color and sophistication of any environment it is placed in.

Additional Information:
Height: Approx. 10” Tall
Material: Metal